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Anxiety is incredibly common.  But entirely unhelpful.
We help make life feel a little easier.


Ann Don Bosco, our founder, is an expert in simplifying complex mental health concepts. Having struggled with anxiety herself, Ann has worked hard to increase access to mental health care over the past two decades.

Prior to founding Eggshells, Ann developed an app, Canopie, designed to help new parents cope with their mental health challenges.

Ann also designed the NHS’s first national campaign on mental health. As a result of Ann's efforts, millions of people have taken the first step towards better mental health.

Our team at Eggshells is proud to build on Ann's experience and knowledge to provide practical and effective solutions to those seeking mental and emotional well-being.

Our team has supported numerous organisations with improving wellbeing across the globe. This has included working and advising the following:

Loved by participants - 87% of previous participants would recommend the experiencePersonalised to you - we’ll suggest the best techniques and concepts for your struggles Built from evidence - we’ve worked with leading experts to design our experience


We created Eggshells when we realised that there were so many people who could benefit from mental health support who weren't getting it. Besides the fact that the NHS has long waiting lists, therapy can be expensive and apps often feel inhuman and ineffective; she also realised that most of us tended to think about mental health support as for when we're 'bad enough'.

This realisation made her want to create something that was effective, affordable and just easy. The same way we buy a t-shirt or go to the gym - why can't we have something that's simple for our mental health too? Because let's face it - when we're dealing with everything from difficult managers to draining relationships, perhaps it's no wonder most of us feel anxious, worried or stressed on a daily basis.

Whether it's financial worries, work stress or social anxiety
 we're here to help 

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