We give you a starting point on managing your anxiety, stress and worry

Our approach can be as effective as face to face therapy
 but it's a fraction of the cost 



Welcome to being human!

In our introductory month we'll teach you more about how your mind and body work to trigger stress and anxiety and ways you can use them differently to improve how you feel. We'll also offer you an optional call with a coach so that we can learn more about you and personalise the program to your needs.


One focus each month

Each month we'll teach you one technique or concept which is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, worry and stress. We'll provide you with 30 minutes of video sessions each month. There'll also be plenty of activities to help you apply these to your life.


Digital and physical activities

We’ll ask you to apply what you’ve learnt in the sessions through activities. You'll do some of these in our online platform and we’ll also send you a pack in the post which can help you practice the techniques in your own time. Some will involve using your body whereas others will ask you to consider your thoughts or change your behaviours.


Support from a guide

If you choose one of our guided programs, you’ll receive tailored support each week. Your guide will help you to make sense of the techniques,  apply them to your life and work towards your goals. 

The Eggshells Experience helps people to feel
 calm, confident and carefree 

There's no silver bullet, but there are
  proven techniques 
that can help you feel better

Loved by participants - 87% of previous participants would recommend the experiencePersonalised to you - we’ll suggest the best techniques and concepts for your struggles Built from evidence - we’ve worked with leading experts to design our experience

Recommended by others

87% of previous participants would recommend the Eggshells Experience. Most people say it provides them with a different perspective to help them make sense of how they feel.

Research based techniques

We've scanned the academic literature and worked with psychologists to curate
the most evidence based
techniques designed to
reduce stress and anxiety and worry.

Money back guarantee

If you've never done anything for your mental health, it can be hard to understand how useful it is until you try it. That's why we offer you a money back guarantee so you can try it with no risk.

It's entirely normal to feel anxious
 but that doesn't mean it helps us


Our programs use approaches called 'self-help' and ‘guided self help’. This approach means you learn techniques in your own time and we use a coach to check in on you. These approaches have offer 50 randomised controlled trials (i.e. the gold standard for evaluating these types of interventions) proving their effectiveness in reducing anxiety and improving low mood. It's also recommended for use in the NHS. Whilst we think this is great, we think that everyone could benefit from this sort of support, not just those who feel they’re ‘bad enough’ to go to the NHS. In fact there's evidence it can even prevent mental health problems too!

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