“I’ve been considering therapy for years now but never got round to it. I just wasn't really sure if I needed it. I heard about Eggshells and it just really resonated with me. It’s exactly what I needed - just a toolbox to deal with life. I tried it out and to be honest I was shocked with how much I learnt about myself - the patterns of behaviour I was doing which weren't helping me to feel the best. It's so funny how you take it all for granteduntil you take a step back as I was able to through the EggshellsExperience. I spotted things I was doing thing around work and how I wasbehaving which was holding me back. I found a way to fix it that worked for me (after being supported to find a few different options). I feel like I haveso much more motivation since - thanks Eggshells!”

Stephen, 23, London

I’ve actually done therapy for a couple of years and I’ve found it helpful. I thought I’d try Eggshells as it seemed cheap in comparison. I was surprised how much I learnt - there was an exercise using a tree where I reflected on my previous experiences. That really stood out for me as it helped me to understand where my anxiety came from. In the past I'd only really learnt tools for breathing and relaxation but this was much more than that.

Katie, 28, London

I’d tried meditation before and exercise before but for me they just didn't work. Eggshells helped me to think more deeply about my thoughts and how I could challenge them to feel better. It really helped me to reframe things and change my outlook about certain sitautions.

Sophie, 26, London

Thank you Eggshells! I feel like your content about self image really resonated with me. I had no idea about the difference between my self image and ideal self and how much that was causing me to feel down. It seems stupid but just taking a step back to recognise that really made all the difference for me so thank you!

Ali, 33, South London

I started eggshells just because I saw a flyer and I thought it might be useful. I’d heard about CBT but never really tried it. I had friends who’d said it was useful so why not.To be honest, I was shocked at how much I learnt about myself. The idea that we’re not taught to recognise our thoughts and how much impact they have on us feels crazy to me. Once I realised that I was having all of these negative thoughts, I found I felt more positive day to day. I think before that I’d just sort of taken those thoughts to be the truth but it turns out they’re not!

Sam, 27, Manchester

I’ve been at my current job for over 5 years now and I feel like I’ve just sort of felt into something which doesn’t give me joy. There’s just so much to do every day and I feel like no one takes what I do for granted. I tried Eggshells to see if it might help me to feel better at work and deal with the continual stress. I found it super helpful but actually not in dealing with my situation but in getting out of it. I’d felt stuck in a rut and was just stressed every day. The exercises thinking about practical worries and focusing on my strengths really helped me to see that I could do something else with my life. It gave me the confidence to find a new job which I feel much happier in now - thank you Eggshells!

Melika, 34, London

"I wasn’t sure if I needed the Eggshells program but I thought I’d try it in case I found it useful. For me, the main way it was helpful was around thinking about my dating. I’ve been single for a long time now and never had a serious relationship. I guess I didn’t want to tell anyone but I was thinking that perhaps there was a problem with me. If I’m honest, I worried that perhaps I was too boring for anyone to want to be with. I worked on a lot of thoughts related to that in the Eggshells program. Some of the exercises helped me to realise the negative ways I was thinking about myself and making the problem worse. I haven’t got a partner yet but I’m feeling a lot more positive about it now."

Aisha, 32, London

I started the Eggshells program when work was just getting a bit too much. I have a difficult manager who is just so critical and never lets me just be. Over the past few months it’s really got to me and I have just felt stuck with no way out. I thought I’d try out Eggshells because it mentioned things about work stress.‍I think what I found most helpful in the experience was just starting to recognise the patterns of what my managers comments were doing to me. They kept making me feel like I wasn’t good enough and internalising that. The Eggshells program helped me identify how my destructive patterns of thinking were holding me back. My manager is still super annoying but I’ve learnt not to take their criticism personally and to separate their words from the value I palace on myself. It’s also taught me some things to help soothe myself when I’m feeling stressed. 

Jennie, 28, Leeds

"I was struggling with anxiety and this really helped. I found the sessions easy to fit into my life and quite practical. I've tried meditation before and it just didn't work for me. This felt much easier and like great value for money. I liked the sessions on cycles and on using my body to soothe myself. "

Tom, 35, London


Loved by participants - 87% of previous participants would recommend the experiencePersonalised to you - we’ll suggest the best techniques and concepts for your struggles Built from evidence - we’ve worked with leading experts to design our experience

Loved by participants

87% of previous participants would recommend the experience

Personalised to you

We'll help you apply the techniques to your struggles - be it social anxiety, health issues, work stress or financial problems

Built from evidence

We've brought together psychology, technology and human coaching  to create a rigorous program of support


All our experiences last five weeks and come with a money back guarantee.
There'll be video sessions, physical workbooks and check-ins with a guide should you choose it.

If you complete the experience and don’t find it useful, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked!

The most effective techniques to deal with work stress
Feel more confident in meetings, presentations and in your career
Understand how to make your work situation work for you or when it's time to move on
Learn to manage workload and feeling burnt out
Think about your strengths and career
Money back guarantee
The most effective techniques to deal with anxiety and worry
Understand what causes anxiety and worry
Learn how to use your body to soothe and calm yourself
Challenge thoughts related to worrying
Understand cycles that keep you feeling anxious
Learn how to problem solve practical worries
Money back guarantee
The most effective techniques to handle motivation
Understand cycles of procastination and distraction
Learn how to use two types of activities to motivate yourself
Use your thoughts and behaviours to stay focused
Neuroplasticity and how to rewire your brain
Money back guarantee
Please note the Eggshells program is not a replacement for therapy or NHS delivered mental health support.
If you are in crisis please call 999 for emergency services, find a local NHS urgent mental health helpline here or the Samaritans for listening support on 116 123


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