Eggshells - a dis-mental health company

We're a new organisation helping people to deal with life's ups and downs

So what do we mean by that? Well, to be honest, we’re just trying to be cheeky to make a point. 

There’s just so much chat about our mental health these days - whether that’s every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to sell you an app, all the news about ‘awareness’ (which is important but doesn’t provide let’s face it, any real solutions) or your workplace telling you that you should really prioritise your mental wellbeing while they continue to pile on more work, whilst not giving you a pay increase.

Sound familiar? 

It makes us a little resentful to be honest - the world is a f***ing mess, and yet we’re promised the solution to it all if we just try harder . Just meditate a bit . Yeah right - like that will work. Let alone findingthe time for it.

So why are we here? To help you deal with all that.

We’re not going to fix all your problems.  Most of your problems aren’t your fault - it’s not your fault you were born into a dysfunctional society. Sadly we can’t fix the world (although we might secretly try that later down the line) but we can just give some techniques to help you cope a little. 

Whilst it’s a tricky world, there are a few techniques that can help. They’re drawn from things like cognitive behavioural therapy if you’ve heard of that. (If you haven’t, it’s basically a form of therapy where you analyse your thoughts, feelings and emotions and how they interact). 

Our approach is also taken from something called ‘insight led therapy’’. What this means is that you might learn a new concept or technique and have a light bulb moment where you think about things differently. For example that might be recognising that you’re a bit hard on yourself or that you’re thinking of yourself or the world in a particular way. What’s great about this type of activity is that it’s life changing when you get it - you don’t actually have to keep doing it. Therefore it’s much easier than going to the gym, or even going for a walk or meditation to be honest! I mean, who doesn’t love a quick fix or life hack?

And just to be clear, it won’t be diving into your deepest, darkest secrets or past to get there. No, it’s a little more practical - just a few different techniques to help think about your real life problems and challenges. 

Also, we know how long and incredibly effortful these things can feel, particularly when we’re not sure if they’re going to help. That’s why we’ve got a money back guarantee so that you can try it out without any risk. 

The Eggshells Team

April 20, 2023

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